Rikstone  amplifiers

All the models are unique solutions and they can be divided into different amplifier families based on their circuits like VOX, Fender, Marshall type amplifiers.

Definition of an amplifier always starts from its purpose where the needed power is one essential starting point.

An amplifier with low power can be implemented with Single Ended (SE) power amp which makes sure that the amplifier always operates in class A.

Amplifiers having more than 10W power are typically implemented with a Push-Pull power amp which means that the power amp consists at least of two power tubes.

Definition of channels and their EQs and additional properties such as reverb, tremolo, effect loop etc. are normally implemented in the preamp.

In the power amp the power tubes play a very remarkable role. Type of Master Volume CUT, power halving, Variable Voltage Regulator (may also be in preamp), number of outputs etc. are normally defined for the power amp.

By checking the already made amplifiers on DIY pages you'll get a better picture about different models and characteristics.

Concerning the characteristics of the amplifiers you'll get useful information by using the Price Calculator on the Prices page.

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