Rikstone  amplifiers

Rikstone is a Finnish company focusing on manufacturing, modification, repair and maintenance of tube amplifiers and corresponding effect devices. I am owner of the company and have through my hobby more than 20 year experience in manufacturing, modification, repair and maintenance of tube amplifiers and effect devices.

The main purpose of Rikstone is to offer its customers opportunity to define technical requirements of the amplifier from the beginning to the end regarding both sound and technical characteristics.

Rikstone's mission is to fulfill these requirements and by implementing the amplifier with classic style using point-to-point connections (without PCB) and high-quality components. The goal is  to produce a product that always meets customer's requirements and that can easily be modified further.

I am open for different kind of tube amplifier projects and new ideas from zero planning to modification of old amplifiers to new levels. One example of a suitable and cheap solution is modification of an old combo amplifier to a new tube amplifier by re-using its existing components like cabinet, speaker, power and output transformer. Even a transistor amplifier can be modified by re-using at least the cabinet, speaker and chassis.

Furthermore I am ready to implement totally new innovations, equipments and solutions that have ever been thought to be implemented.

The second purpose is to offer solutions for competitive price which is based on control of cost level without departing from qualitative components and methods. I work on my own lab in Kirkkonummi, Finland and my purpose is to make myself as much as possible. In that way I can control the costs which will also help me in the price estimations.

Best regards

Risto Kivioja

Rikstone's owner

Engineer, Measurement and Control technology

Approved repairer of electronic devices

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