Rikstone  amplifiers

Amplifiers in this power class are typically implemented as Single Ended (SE) amplifiers that contain one or more power tubes where the whole signal is amplified in the operating area of the power tube(s). SE amplifiers always operate in class A.

These amplifiers are well suited for locations where the volume level has to be kept low, such as living rooms, studios and small clubs etc. On the larger stages it is better to use SE amplifier together with a PA equipment.

SE amplifier has a great sound and there is not cross-over distortion like in Push-Pull amplifiers.

It is easy to add different features to SE amplifiers like reverb, tremolo, VVR etc. They can operate with several power tubes, even simultaneously. SE amplifier is a good concept for producing different kind of sounds in a miniature form.

You can find additional features by checking the DIY pages.

The following model have been popular in this power class:

- Rikstone C5P

- Rikstone C6

- Rikstone C6 CS

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