Rikstone amplifiers


Amplifiers in this power class are typically implemented as Push-Pull (PP) amplifiers including at least two power tubes. These amplifiers can be either fixed or cathode biased. Amplifiers in this power class are very common today because the power is enough for bands even with a loud drummer.


These amplifiers use often either EL84 or 6V6 pair as their power tubes.

EL84 represents more British sound (VOX) and 6V6 is more North American style (Fender, Gibson).


Various features like reverb, tremolo, VVR, Master Volume, CUT, etc. are very common in these amplifiers. Also different channel switching solutions are popular in the preamp. Tone stack can easily be implemented with 3 pots because the preamp has more amplification.


You can find additional features by checking the DIY pages.


The following model have been popular in this power class:


- Rikstone C15

- Rikstone C24d

- Rikstone C24 CW


Sound clip:


Rikstone C24d Reverb 1 (Draggin' Bros. plays Rockabilly)

Rikstone C24d Reverb 2 (John Howdy and his Fin-A-Billies plays Rockabilly)

Rikstone C18 together with Catalinbread Belle Epoch reverb


Price range starts in this power class from 730 €.





VAT number: 2696321-9

Phone: +358 40 547 9757

e-mail: amps@rikstone.fi


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