Over 50W

Rikstone amplifiers


Amplifiers in this power class have risen to fame on rock festival stages from the late 60's. Perhaps the most famous amplifier of that group is Marshall played by Jimi Hendrix.


Advantage of these amplifiers is big a headroom which is beneficial among others in bass playing.


Technically these amplifiers have same type of preamps as the models with less power but the power amp is much more powerfull.


Almost always these amplifiers use fixed bias.


You can find additional features by checking the DIY pages.


The following model have been popular in this power class:


- Rikstone H100W

- Rikstone H140

- Rikstone H100L


Price range starts in this power class from 1050 €.



VAT number: 2696321-9

Phone: +358 40 547 9757

e-mail: amps@rikstone.fi


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